Integrated Post Graduate School
The KMM-VIN offers industrial training, short courses, PhD programmes and summer schools to help Europe maintain its leading role in knowledge based multi-functional materials technology.
The KMM-VIN Integrated Post Graduate School (IPGS) is unique in Europe. It aims to increase research productivity and is focused on industrial needs and new applications.
The pan-European programme trains scientists and engineers in KMM materials.
It provides essential new skills for scientists and engineers working in materials science, chemistry, mechanics and process engineering. They equip the work force for jobs with material manufacturers, university laboratories, research centres and in a wide range of industries including automotive.

Education and training is carried out through:
  • PhD-Path: Courses for doctoral students
  • Skill- Path: Complementary education for university graduates
  • Summer Schools: Intensive courses on the newest research topics in the KMM-domain