KMM-VIN Services
KMM-VIN can provide

  • R&D priorities and technology demands using the General Assembly of all KMM-VIN members
  • Technological roadmaps and foresights
  • Complete offerings of technical services to industry via consortia of KMM-VIN members
  • Research offerings to respond to Calls for Proposals (e.g. FP7) using the combined input of KMM-VIN members(e.g. as "sole participant")
  • Competence Centre nodes (KMM CC) for technology transfer
  • Inventory of KMM-VIN people with know-how, expertise (Competence Centre)
  • Inventory of KMM-VIN equipment (Competence Centre)
  • Inventory of technologies, including patents (Competence Centre)
  • KMM Materials Toolkit (Competence Centre)
  • Catalogue of technical offers and requests (Competence Centre)
  • Collaborative research opportunities in KMM (guidelines, services, structure, management)
  • Training opportunities via KMM Integrated Post-graduate School (KMM IPGS), including KMM European Doctoral Programme (EDP KMM)
  • Methods and expertise in networking people via KMM Mobility Programme (KMM MP)
  • Publication series via KMM Editorial Office
  • Communication and management tools
  • Support help-desk (IPR, project management)
  • Information on funding opportunities in KMM area (guidelines, services, structure)
  • Compendium of European Networks in KMM field (Competence Centre)

The KMM-VIN offering to industry and public sector funding bodies is a one-stop-shop for any of the technology they may require to meet an R&D need in the KMM area. By coming to KMM-VIN Office (or one of its Competence Centres) the clients will find a multitude of technology, equipment, know-how, etc. throughout Europe. At KMM-VIN home page ( the clients can access Catalogue of Expertise and Equipment of services, scientific and technical infrastructure and other resources available at the KMM-VIN partnership.